Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Poem: An Old Bookshop Experience!

Buying books from old bookshops is
mind-pleasing and enjoyable.
The joy of purchasing from
an old bookshop
is a distinct and unique experience
compared to buying a book
from a new bookstore.
The availability of book selections is
much more limited in a new bookstore.
For example,
you can't find nicely bound
serials with illustrations
that appeared in old magazines
or comics in a new bookstore
like you can in an old one.

Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Charismatic personalities attract us immediately when we see their faces. Before we consider their positives and negatives, they enter our hearts, much like how, without any apparent reasons based on our unconscious minds' feelings, we are drawn to certain flowers, colors, or birds. JFK (John F. Kennedy) is such a personality in my life. 

The first time I saw his charismatic face was on the cover of his biography written in Tamil, published by Vikatan publisher from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It was displayed at a convenience store at the Jaffna Railway station, and I was with my mother at that time.

On Israel-Gaza Conflict....

The current war between Israel and the Palestinian state, in my view, will bring about a permanent solution to the conflict. In fact, Hamas' attack on Israeli civilians initiated the current war, with the root causes stemming from Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian territory for many decades. During this period, many thousands of people have been killed. Now, the entire world witnesses what is happening in the occupied Palestinian territory.

Thursday, February 15, 2024

NATO vs GSA (Global Security Alliance)

This is just an opinion of a global citizen. In my view, I think Trump is right. NATO is outdated for the current age. Warsaw no longer exists. Why NATO? It's just a mindset of collective security consciousness. So far, what we have learned from the Russian-Ukrainian war is that NATO is fighting against Russia through Ukraine. Still, Russia has not been defeated. Why can't the war go beyond a certain limit? That limitation is Russia being a nuclear power. Any small nuclear escalation will wipe out a large portion of the globe.

In the beginning, when NATO saw Russia's unexpected losses, it didn't expect them. Thus, it warned Ukraine's leader to safely escape. When NATO saw Russia's losses, it saw an opportunity to weaken Russia, helping Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.  So far, this approach has not worked out. What happened is the opposite. Many nations, when they saw the West's sanctions on Russia, thought that one day this would come to them as well. Meanwhile, Russia, China, India, and many other countries saw an opportunity for their economic alliance, BRICS.

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Camels are marvelous!

Camels never break down
and never get tired seeing deserts,
never get scared witnessing desert storms.
they love traveling long journeys.

Whenever mindstorms blow,
trapped in the whirlpool of memory,
losing boats in the mind-sea,
and swimming,
I think about camels, wishing
I were a camel.

In those moments,
I think about camels
that are tireless
in the long journeys
of turbulence.

Saturday, February 10, 2024

My Thoughts on Global Security, the Future of Mankind, and the Solar System!

The current world order is highly biased, being managed by powerful Western countries focused on their national security. Instead, it should be rooted in global security. Due to this flaw in the current world order, whenever conflicts or genocides occur, even though the majority of the world opposes them, the powerless are forced to witness the carnage.

Simultaneously, powerful nations, while supplying arms to those unleashing genocidal wars, take no action to prevent destruction and genocide. Historical instances, such as the Nazi slaughter of Jews, West Pakistan's suppression of East Pakistan, Sri Lanka's war on Tamil's armed struggle in 2009, and the Rwandan conflict, exemplify delayed international intervention. Currently, Israel's relentless bombing in Gaza reflects a continuation of this pattern.

An Object-Oriented Program!

Falling leaves, chirping birds,
blue skies, trees, lakes, twinkling stars,
Who wrote the code of this program
of space-time
where we all function?

This program has bugs
like all other programs,
but it's exceptional
in one aspect:
It allows
its objects
to fix their bugs.

Poem: An Old Bookshop Experience!

Buying books from old bookshops is mind-pleasing and enjoyable. The joy of purchasing from an old bookshop is a distinct and unique experien...